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Q: Warranty

1.  Notification for Repeated Warranty Claim
We kindly remind you that one device with its unique anti-fake code only warranty for one time, no matter you get service from shops, email of ARES or online warranty claim. The anti-fake code has been recorded on the system when the defective got warranty from us. We wouldn’t provide repeated service for the defectives which has been warranty. Hope you understand.

2. How to get in contact with us efficiently?
We have several departments to take their own roles, so if you want to get more efficient service from ARES, We suggest you read full guides now!

3. When you try to open a claim but you are not with the receipt picture?
Every ARES device is with a 3-month warranty since the purchase date. If you open an after-sale claim the picture of receipt + serial label is needed. Read more!

4. Warranty attentions
For a better service and convenient verification, we strongly suggest our customers keep the proof of purchase and the packages. Read more warranty details!

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